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How does TouchnVote work

  • What is TouchnVote?

    TouchnVote is an audience response system. It is used to interrogate audiences during events. Different types of polls or votes can be submitted to the audience: MCQs, numeric questions or opened questions. It is a powerful way to captivate the audience and have it actively participate to the debate.

  • How does it work?

    TouchnVote uses an administration portal for master users and a web application for end users: the voters. Every set up and presentation action is done in the administration portal accessible through the web from anywhere. Voters use any mobile phone, tablet or laptop to participate.

  • How do users vote?

    Users can use their personal terminals to vote via a web application that most smart phones and tablets recognize. they simply have to scan the QR code displayed on the front screen or enter a short link to access the app. Users can also send text messages (SMS) to participate.

Interacting with the audience & collecting data

  • What is a vote?

    During an event, you might want to implicate the audience by asking everyone to answer a question. With the TouchnVote audience response system, everyone can give their opinion so the speaker can interact with the audience during a presentation. Then, the audience can watch votes add up and unveil what the public opinion is.

  • How does the voting work?

    The administration portal enables the moderator to submit a bunch of questions or a single question to the audience the easiest way. Once the question has been submited, the web app shows it, the live screen display the results and the instructions for SMS votes. TouchnVote is fully responsive: everything happens in real time.

  • What kind of interactions?

    Based on TravellerPad's international events experience, TouchnVote covers the whole range of interactions. The audience can answer questions,poll surveys, quizz challenges and they also can submit free comments. TouchnVote is the perfect data collection tool: you can create multiple & unique choice questions, numeric and open questions.

  • Is a team based use possible?

    TouchnVote is the perfect app for team based games and activities. Voters choose their team among the list you've created or they create their own custom team. Then, the results are sorted by team so you can implement team challenges and competitions.

  • How do I control the event?

    The administration portal is an easy to handle app that provides you a full control of your event. You can start and stop the event, launch a bunch of questions, turn it into a quizz and control what is displayed on the live screen form this interface, whenever you want.

  • What about the results?

    TouchnVote includes a Live app that displays the results to the audience in real time. You can also retrieve the collected data and analyze all the event statistics directly form the administration portal. All the poll datas, quizz results are downloadable as CSV tables.

  • What if the wifi network fall down?

    Don't worry. TouchnVote is a fully HTML5 web app so it does support online and offline use. If you're having connectivity troubles, the app keeps working, save the comments and answers in the browser. When the internet connection comes back, data are immediately saved to the server.

  • How does the SMS voting work?

    There's nothing easier. We set a dedicated phone number especially for your event. Users send their SMSs the that only number, without any key word or code. We offer dedicated phone number for Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France and Europe with no additional cost for users.

The administration portal

  • How to create an account?

    You could do it standing on your head! Follow this link, fill the form and there you go. Since our application is fully web based, you can use it from any computer, wherever you are! Then, you can order the amount of voting credits that you need for your event with our sales agents.

  • Is there a maximum of users?

    Not at all, TouchnVote is just unlimited! You can create as much events, questions, polls and quizz as you want and there is no restriction in terms of audience: every one around the globe can enjoy it and get involved as long as you have enough voting credits in your account.

  • What are the available options?

    You can moderate and edit all the audience answers & questions, manage the identification requirements (name, email, etc). You can change the event name and hashtag at will and set up a schedule to automatically start the event and launch the questions, polls & quizz.

General questions & concerns

  • Can I display my own logo?

    Your sure can, our development team use all their skills in web development and design to fit your app with your corporate identity. We add interactive modules, games, documents and media to your TouchnVote app according to your needs.

  • Is it a safe service?

    Our service is the safest! We don't store your credit card or paiement informations in any online database. Our application is hosted on a dedicated secured server and we save the databse on a daily basis so there is no service cut and no data loss.

  • Can I get some help?

    For sure! Our french and canadian agents are available all working day long to answer all your questions and make sure the service is working well. We also offer hotline and in site assistance over Canada and Europe to get the best out of your event.

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